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Choose the Right Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric to Pamper Yourself While at Home

The Pandemic has entirely changed our lives; our mobility has become severely restricted. Little jogs or walk—no more weekend lunch-out or dinner with family or friends. And perhaps you cannot wait to take that luxurious facial spa you always do.
As a matter of fact, you can get the self-care you deserve at home, for there were various facial sheet masks you can try depending on your skin type. It's a lot cheaper and can be done at your most convenient unlimited time.  

Masks sheets may look the same as they are manufactured from spunlace nonwoven fabrics. Similar manufacturing industry or company from China that produces raw materials for wet wipes. However, different spunlace technology and processes were applied using various fabric types to produce the right material. Let us dig deep to see how they differ from each other.

Fiber nonwoven masks feature a nonwoven spunlace cotton fabric, it is the thickest of all mask sheet for it resembles paper-like material that lacks contouring. It would be best if you lay down so it will remain in place for a long time. The fiber mask is inexpensive, and it can replenish moisture to your skin.
•Hydro-Gel masks provide better performance than low-end fiber and pulp masks. They are typically produced as a "mask system," with top, and bottom halves applied separately. Their product name is derived from the production process that blends cosmetic serums with gelatin, which gives the mask the feel of a cold, thin-film layer. Hydro-gel masks require careful handling; the fabric is relatively thin and prone to tearing.
•Pulp masks have a more delicate texture than fiber masks. But the limitations of the two mask types are similar. The fit of a pulp mask is uneven, with gaps noticeable between the mask and your skin (adhesion loss). As with a fiber mask, the serum in a pulp mask will evaporate fairly quickly. Rayon cellulose is an example of a mask created from the pulp.
•Bio-Cellulose experts consider masks are woven from bio-cellulose – an all-natural fiber – to be the gold standard for hydrating and treating skin. Bio cellulose mask fabrics provide skin-tight dermal adhesion, allowing them to transfer cosmetic ingredients or serum very efficiently. The texture of a bio-cellulose mask feels like a cold, moist gel, but its underlying structure is incredibly strong and resilient. Bio cellulose masks do not dry out during application.
Aside from the facial mask, I know you would also love to try spunlace nonwoven eye pads. They are under-eye masks that look like comma-shaped patches that contain lightweight but potent serums packed with skin vitamins that can rejuvenate the skin around your eyes. It removes the dark circles and lessens those crows' feet. It will leave your skin plump and young-looking.
If you want to complete your home pamper care, you may also try waxing that unwanted hair using nonwoven waxing strips. Do not forget to read the package label for correct application and instructions to get that perfectly clean and hair-free feeling.
You may also contact your dermatologist to consult any of the above fabric or materials before use.

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